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Open Tues – Sat 11AM – 1 AM | Sunday 11AM – 9 PM | Monday 11AM – 11PM
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Look inside for great deals! Now Serving Chicken Wings in 7 Flavors!
As well as: Pizza – Chicken – Seafood – Subs
Dinners – Appetizers – Salad – Pasta


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  1. Great place to pick up a hot meal to go in a flash. Great fish ordered the bucket of haddock which came with fries and coleslaw. Service was fast and food was fresh

  2. might be the best pizza i have ever had. and the told me there wings were better than anyone around n they were right. they r big n crazy full of flavor. I order the wings almost twice a week now. love this place!!!

  3. Good food, great prices. Good wings, sausage bomber and pizza. Going to try the fish fry tonight.

  4. We’ve been enjoying Big Ebe’s since 1992. No matter what part of town we lived in throughout the years, it’s always been well worth the drive. Big Ebe’s is the BEST pizza in the Milwaukee area, bar none. The sauce is flavorful, the crust is crispy, and they never skimp on the toppings. Not gourmet, not diet, but not chain-restaurant crap either. Reminds me of Pepino’s Pizza. IMHO, better than Rosatti’s or Mama Mia’s.

  5. been going there for many many years and never had a bad meal. my fav pizza in Milwaukee area. their fish is delicious too.

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